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About us

The best producers and the best food and wine excellences, selected in compliance with the most authentic Italian culinary traditions.

Piaceri Italiani:


Over 300 delicacies to bring your taste buds to discover Italy, through colours, flavours and fragrances that demonstrate the care and commitment with which every product is chosen, processed, tested and prepared, to give you only the top quality.

Dive into the Italy you love

Our Piaceri Italiani pantry products, as well as our fresh and deep-frozen products and drinks, will take you on a journey across our country, through timeless recipes made by skilful hands, simple ingredients and unique territories.

Lose yourself in flavour and rediscover the quality of the past.

Authentic Tradition

Piaceri Italiani
is waiting for you

Get to know the best of Italian cuisine, with a selection of flavours waiting to be discovered.

Controlled production chain

for uncompromising quality

We use only the best, so we can offer you the best. For us, quality means using producers who can guarantee good quality products, not only in terms of flavour, but above all in their choice of genuine raw ingredients, controlled production, respect for the land and animals, a guaranteed supply chain, and the experience and skill of those selecting, working with and certifying Piaceri Italiani delicacies.

that looks to
the future

Piaceri Italiani is tradition and authenticity, research and innovation; it is the art of transforming even the most simple foods into true masterpieces of flavour, able to transport you to different places and different eras, and making you feel at home all over Italy. Are you ready for an unforgettable journey?