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The best of Italy, straight from the producer to your table

What does a good memory taste like? With the Crai Piaceri Italiani line, we have carefully selected the best food from the Bel Paese specially for you, taking extra care over the quality of the raw ingredients, the production chain and the producers, each with their own story to tell.

An authentic journey through the genuine flavours of tradition, to pass down the taste of old Italy, and relive our origins with every bite, rediscovering the emotions of good food.

Piaceri of the month



All the fragrance and flavor of Sicilian citrus and fresh fruit encapsulated in jams and marmalades with a velvety texture and intense color to bring true masterpieces of flavor to the table.

Red Orange, Lemons, Prickly Pear, Peach… full and genuine flavors, without ready-made juices, pulps, purees, concentrates or semi-finished products. A soft goodness perfect for breakfast or a snack, and a special ingredient for creating sweet and savory recipes with unforgettable taste.



Zero pesticides, zero preservatives and additives. Piaceri Italiani Honey is a concentrate of pure and healthy genuineness where the taste of the flower stands out.

From linden honey to chestnut honey, from eucalyptus honey to orange honey to millefiori, many good and simple varieties, as nature commands, to give a touch of sweetness to tea or milk, or to enhance any dish, enjoying them combined with cheese, dried fruit, fish, salads, omelets and vegetables.

A journey through Italy via good food

A grand tour revealing the flavours of Italy’s regions, local areas and micro-climates and the various traditions that over the centuries have made its cuisine totally unique. All in a premium line with the added value of official seals of approval from consortiums.

Piaceri Italiani can be found in the best CRAI supermarkets.