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Cooked Ham, Turkey and Mortadella

Cooked Ham, Turkey and Mortadella isolated

There are thousands of different colours of cold meats, and one of the most appetising is definitely pale pink.

Piaceri Italiani will accompany you on a journey of discovery to try the most flavourful local cooked cold meats, from High Quality Cooked Ham to Roasted Turkey Breast and the unmissable Mortadella Bologna IGP, to savour their delicacy, lightness and soft flavour with a slice of fragrant bread.

Cooked Ham, Turkey and Mortadella isolated
Cooked Ham, Turkey and Mortadella

Piaceri Italiani Cooked Cold Meats, goodness from the land 

Quality comes out of respect for the product, attention to the environment and care taken over every phase of processing the meat, which comes exclusively from Italian farms. We put our trust in those who have been in the trade for years, and know that in order to look forward, it is necessary to climb the stairs of tradition, learning from the past, but still working to constantly improve, developing and evolving methods and machinery.

Our Piaceri Italiani Cooked Cold Meats are the culmination of the values of the territory where they are produced: Cooked Ham and Mortadella IGP in the beating heart of Food Valley in Emilia Romagna, the kingdom of cold meats, and Roasted Turkey Breast in eastern Veneto, in the broad valley at the foot of the Pre-Alps, among vineyards, woods and natural springs.

Piaceri Italiani Cooked Cold Meats, goodness from the land 

Perfect slices 

Our High Quality National Cooked Ham is made from fresh pork thighs from pigs born, raised and slaughtered in Italy, contains no lactose or dairy products, gluten, added polyphosphates or added monosodium glutamate, and is guaranteed by product certifications. The slow cooking and several-day resting time after packaging guarantee perfect harmony in the product’s flavours. Our Piaceri Italiani Roasted Turkey Breast is made with only whole local turkey breast, rubbed with a decoction of spices, and then slowly cooked. An artisan Italian delicacy, rich in protein, low in fat, and free of dairy products, gluten and added polyphosphates.

Our Mortadella Bologna IGP is produced with selected pork cuts, following strict IGP standards, a guarantee of safety, tradition and flavour. It is recognisable for its velvety, uniform bright pink surface and its sweet, delicate flavour, with incomparable fragrances and aromas.

Cooked and eaten

Bring the excellence of Cooked Ham to your table! Try the delicate flavour of our Piaceri Italiani High Quality National Cooked Ham at room temperature, sliced with care, on its own or to fill a focaccia; try our Roasted Turkey Breast, light and easy to digest, cut with a knife or on rolls, piadine or in cold dishes with a side of fresh vegetables; taste our special Piaceri Italiani Mortadella Bologna IGP with durum wheat or rye bread, as an appetiser, as a topping for pasta dishes and quiches, or as an ingredient to enrich mixed salads.

Cooked and eaten
  • High quality ltalian cooked ham

    High quality ltalian cooked ham

    approx. 10 Kg
  • High quality light ltalian cooked ham

    High quality light ltalian cooked ham

    approx. 9 Kg
  • Roast turkey breast

    Roast turkey breast

    approx. 3,5 Kg
  • PGI Mortadella

    PGI Mortadella

    100 g
    Potrebbero interessarti