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Nuts isolated

A family-run business that embraces many years of experience and in-depth, thorough knowledge of a product with a level of quality and flavour that makes us truly proud.

With Piaceri Italiani Nuts, you know that you can always trust their full, natural flavour to give you healthy energy during your exercise sessions, and as a valuable aid in the kitchen to give fragrance and texture to your recipes.

Nuts isolated

A short, reliable production chain

The production chain for our nuts boasts a network of long-standing, reliable suppliers, and a transformation and production process tested over decades of operation and perfected over time, to respond to and anticipate the demands of the current market.

Once they arrive at the facilities, the nuts are calibrated, selected, shelled if necessary, and prepared to be packaged, ready to eat. Every phase involves strict, precise controls, so that the product respects the highest standards of quality and safety.

A short, reliable production chain

Piaceri Italiani Nuts, full of energy

Our commitment and care are reflected in the nutritional values and excellent properties of our Giffoni Hazelnuts IGP, Avola Almonds, Piedmont Hazelnuts IGP, and our Pine nuts, a source of health and wellbeing thanks to their high levels of fibre, vitamins, healthy fats and minerals essential for the health of our bodies, such as iron, phosphorus, potassium, zinc and manganese.

Every occasion is the right occasion

Our Piaceri Italiani nut selection includes shelled Giffoni Hazelnuts IGP, shelled Sorrento Walnuts, Avola Almonds, shelled Piedmont Hazelnuts IGP and Italian Pine nuts, to enjoy as a snack or as ingredients to create delicious recipes, both savoury and sweet, to pair with ice cream products and as a valuable base for preparing rustic sauces and creams.

Every occasion is the right occasion
  • ltalian pine nuts

    ltalian pine nuts

    30 g
  • PGI shelled hazelnuts from Giffoni

    PGI shelled hazelnuts from Giffoni

    80 g
  • Shelled walnuts from Sorrento

    Shelled walnuts from Sorrento

    90 g
  • Walnuts from Sorrento

    Walnuts from Sorrento

    350 g
  • Almonds from Avola

    Almonds from Avola

    50 g
  • PGI hazelnuts from Piedmont

    PGI hazelnuts from Piedmont

    80 g
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