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Olives isolated

Choosing Piaceri means loving products whose main ingredient is nature.

This is why we respect the rhythms of the land and the seasons of its fruits, like our Olives, which are controlled and selected to offer you only the best.

Our Piaceri Italiani and Piaceri Dal Mondo Olives are all expressions of their territories and origins, which bring out their qualities and unique features to perfection.

Olives isolated

Quality never compromises

Our passion for good food means we never overlook even the smallest detail of the production process, from harvest to packaging. The processing of our products has solid foundations in tradition, but it makes use of modern, technologically advanced facilities for all phases, in order to guarantee excellence and safety without compromise.

Research, analysis and constant controls from a team of expert food technologists allow us to have no doubts about the quality of our olives.

Quality never compromises

Piaceri Olives, at the origin of flavour

From Liguria come our Taggiasca Olives, one of the most well-known varieties thanks to their fruits, which are as small as they are delicious and rich in oil. Instead, in Apulia, our Piaceri Italiani Bella di Cerignola Olives are grown: very high quality olives with an elongated shape and firm, compact, crunchy flesh. Our Kalamata Olives have Greek origins – they are versatile in the kitchen and known all over the world.

Taste them all

Our pitted Ligurian Taggiasca Olives in extra-virgin olive oil or Ligurian Taggiasca Olives in brine are ideal as an appetiser, in salads and with fish, and for a delicious Ligurian sauce (tomato, Genova basil DOP and Ligurian Taggiasca Olives); while you can enjoy our Piaceri Italiani Bella di Cerignola Olives, with their unique, unmistakable flavour, in starters, appetisers, various snacks, or as a side dish with main courses. If you love a slightly bitter taste, choose our Kalamata Olives, with their meaty, flavourful flesh, perfect as a snack, as a topping for pasta, or to enhance salads.

Taste them all
  • Bella green olives from Cerignola

    Bella green olives from Cerignola

    530 g
  • Kalamata olives

    Kalamata olives

    290 g
  • Pitted Taggiasca olives in extra virgin olive oil

    Pitted Taggiasca olives in extra virgin olive oil

    180 g
  • Taggiasca olives in brine

    Taggiasca olives in brine

    250 g
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