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Desserts isolated

A good lunch or a special dinner deserve to end sweetly.

Piaceri Italiani dedicates its Desserts to those of you who never leave the table without a grand finale: products that indulge all the senses, evoking memories of authenticity that will make you feel right at home.

Savour the authentic flavour and let yourself be enchanted by an incredible softness, and the full taste of chocolate.

Desserts isolated

Piaceri Italiani Desserts, responsible tradition

Specially for you, Piaceri Italiani has selected only the best of our traditional desserts, placing our trust in expert, internationally renowned producers, to bring traditional recipes to your table without ever betraying their values.

Piaceri Italiani Desserts, responsible tradition

Endlessly delicious, spoonful after spoonful

Even at the end of a meal, there is always space for a good dessert.

Enjoy a fresh, tasty treat with our Black Truffle – delicious chocolate and vanilla ice cream covered with cocoa powder – or dive into the soft, extra-dark chocolate centre of our Piaceri Italiani Chocolate Cake, perfect to be eaten warm after a short cooking time in a static oven or in the microwave. A delicious treat to enjoy spoonful after spoonful.

  • Chocolate torte

    Chocolate torte

    200g (2x100g)
  • Chocolate truffle

    Chocolate truffle

    160g (2x80g)
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