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Cakes isolated

A triumph of cream, cocoa, fragrances, and different textures that come together to create an incomparable sweet treat. Our Piaceri Italiani Desserts are the perfect choice to make any party unique, for a delicious afternoon snack, or to finish a meal with a treat.

Let us lead you on a journey into the world of sweets to celebrate the best of pastry-making tradition with simple, high-quality ingredients.

Cakes isolated

Piaceri Italiani Desserts: flavour and quality 

For us, a “good” product is a blend of flavour and quality, a true pleasure for the palate and the result of a production process that is attentive and respectful of health and safety.

This is why we use only qualified suppliers, in order to be sure of having the best raw ingredients and certified, state-of-the-art facilities, equipped with machines using technology 4.0, which operate with full respect for the regulations and the authenticity of the original recipes.

Piaceri Italiani Desserts: flavour and quality 

Sweet dining

A delicious, varied selection, so you can savour pastry-making tradition at home.

Try our Profiteroles, soft cream puffs covered with delicious chocolate sauce, available in convenient single-serve pots and in a 500g tray; our Piaceri Italiani Meringue Cake, with delicate meringue covered with high-quality semifreddo made with Italian cream, enriched with crumbled meringue; or our special Tiramisu, in single-serve pots with a sponge finger soaked in coffee, covered in rich mascarpone cream, or in a 500g tray with the classic layer of sponge fingers, enriched by rich zabaglione and mascarpone cream. Enjoy our Piaceri Italiani Cheesecake, a fragrant shortbread biscuit base covered with soft semifreddo made with fresh Italian cheese, decorated with delicate jelly with currants and blueberries; or be transported to Trentino-South Tyrol by the fragrances of our Apple Strudel, made with fresh local apples wrapped in crispy, crumbly, buttery puff pastry.

  • Tiramisù

    500 g
  • Appie Strudel

    Appie Strudel

    600 g
  • Profiteroles

    500 g
  • Individuai Meringue

    Individuai Meringue

    55 g
  • Individuai Tiramisù

    Individuai Tiramisù

    70 g
  • Individuai Profiteroles

    Individuai Profiteroles

    55 g
  • Individuai fruits of the forest Cheesecake

    Individuai fruits of the forest Cheesecake

    75 g
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